About us

We’re a team of over 100 strong property management specialists and tech-xperts based in Melbourne, working all around Australia.

With more than 15 years of adventures in proptech, we’ve got the ‘inside scoop’ on what works… and what needs a little extra TLC. In fact, we were born out of a property management company, so we intimately understand the joys and sorrows of our customers (they’re at the heart of everything we do).

Kolmeo gives real estate agencies all around Australia access to the right tools and technology to perfectly balance the relationship between tenants, owners, and property managers. We believe in our heart of hearts that it's possible for people to truly love renting, owning and managing properties – it’s what gets us out of bed (that, and coffee), and why we love what we do.

Why we're here

Property management gets a bad rap. There are some big, juicy problems that need to be solved to make things easier and fairer for everyone involved. In the time it takes you to read one of our job ads, 21 tenants will be approved giving property owners new tenants and property managers new relationships to manage. Application forms need to be processed, payments managed, maintenance done, inspections completed. How do we make this experience not only frictionless, but FUN, for everyone involved?

That’s why we’re here. Kolmeo is on a mission to revolutionise the industry and change the way people think about renting, owning and managing property. Since 2020, we’ve seen half a BILLION dollars in payment transactions soar across our platform, while 469,417 workflows have been ticked off (our users are productivity obsessed!). And we’re JUST getting started.

The future is blindingly bright at Kolmeo. We’ve got BIG plans (and an abundant amount of resources to really change the game), but there’s just one thing missing: YOU. Will you accept this rose 🌹and join Kolmeo?

Perks (yep, we got ‘em)

Let’s get social: It’s cliché but yes, we work hard and play even harder. Jump on the team lunch train, clink glasses with your coworkers at pre-Friday drinks (Thursday night tipple, anyone?), strike pins at bowling, battle it out in a table tennis tournament, or simply sneak a cheeky donut (we’ve got a wicked sweet tooth). Got an idea? We’re ALL ears.

Recharge Days: Score a bonus day off every quarter because recharging is just as important as charging on with the work!

Learning and Development: Get access to online platforms to develop and boost your awesome skills.

Volunteer Day: Take a day off and give back to a charity that’s important for you, like the Foodbank Food Drive or Fundraising Morning Tea.

Genuine support: We’re proud to offer confidential counselling services for personal or work-related matters so you know you’re never alone.

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